A Harlow High Haunting Story

First Story in the Cassie Dane Mysteries Series

Final Destination

A Short Story

In the shadow of her past, Tess Black stands with little left to lose. Struggling as an orphan of tuberculosis and teetering on the brink of losing her factory job due to debilitating migraines, she exists in a world of mere survival. Then, as if destiny's hand intervened, a one-way ticket lands in her hands, its destination illegible yet brimming with potential. With time ticking down, Tess seizes the opportunity for an escape into the unknown—a chance for a life anew.

But the promise of a fresh start and friendships unravels when one of her new friends, Viv, vanishes without a trace. As she tries to piece together where her friend went went, Tess must confront not only the mystery of her friend's disappearance but also the haunting nature of her own path—one destined for a place where no return is possible.

Final Destination is a mysterious tale that entwines fate, friendship, and the unearthing of life's ultimate purpose. Tess Black's journey will keep you riveted as you traverse the delicate line between the unknown and the inevitable, where mysteries unfold in the most unexpected of ways.

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About The Author

Hi I'm Nic!

I write speculative fiction and paranormal mysteries. I love mixing folklore, ghost stories, and red herrings. I grew up with an obsession about shipwrecks, Clue, and ghost stories.
As part of the Are You Afraid of the Dark generation, I grew up loving everything scary and bump in the night. I hope that my readers enjoy my stories, with or without the lights on.